June 7, 2020 | San Diego, U.S.

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About Us

MyBioGate is a premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving Biotech and Medtech clients, and the Chinese Pharma companies and investors. We offer marketing, strategy and execution support to help healthcare innovation to grow by taking advantage of China’s huge market potential. We help innovative companies with China-Landing services, and help them find reliable Chinese investors and partners. MyBioGate is committed to linking healthcare innovations in China and overseas. We share global healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship, investment trends, KOL opinions, important events and conferences, in-depth research and analysis, allowing Chinese medical and health companies and investors to gain insight into trends and seize investment opportunities. Our China Focus forums, Global Healthcare Innovation Competitions, and road shows to China provide innovative companies who intend to enter China market with platforms for exposure to potential investors and partners.

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7707 Fannin Street, Ste. 200, Houston, TX 77054
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