Resources in China

WeChat Account Subscribers

“MyBioGate” & “Enterprise Service” WeChat Official Accounts 15,000+ subscribers including executives and BD of well-known Chinese companies such as Hengrui, Simcere, Dabo Medical, Fosun, and investment institutions.

WeChat Groups

50+ self-built groups and 200+ added groups can vertically reach the core population of China’s pharmaceutical industry and investment circles. The subscribers are mainly business leaders, corporate executives, and innovative project scientists and founders.

Website Traffic

Collectively, the MyBioGate Chinese Website, MyBioGate Global Challenge website, and the MyBioGate China Focus website attracts over 200k monthly visitors.

Annual Forums & Conferences

MyBioGate collaborates with China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Association, China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association(PhIRDA)on large-scale forums and conferences. Event size of 500-1,500 people, covering mainstream entrepreneurs, investors and government authorities. In-depth promotion through keynote speeches, booths, and promotional materials, and helps cooperative brands to expose in the China market.


Industrial PR

MyBioGate cooperates with 200+ head medical media, entrepreneurial media, investment media (websites, official accounts, newspapers, periodicals, etc.), and the overall coverage has reached more than 30 million.

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