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MyBioGate is a premier cross-border healthcare consulting firm serving biopharma and medical device companies in China and around the world. Our mission is to connect China and the world in healthcare innovation. We are committed to helping the world’s advanced healthcare innovation projects and talents (new drugs, diagnostic technologies, medical devices, digital technology, etc.) connect to Chinese resources, enter the China market, and achieve in-depth cross-border collaboration. Our China Focus® forums, Global Healthcare Innovation Competitions, MyBio Fund, as well as the CUBIO Innovation Center provide innovative companies who intend to enter China market with platforms for exposure to potential investors and partners.

7 annual conferences, 2600+ Corporate leaders, covers EU, US & China; Largest cross-boarder Biotech & Pharma events

800+ projects, 30+ Roadshows Per year, selected global KOL judges

Houston Based, 16k S.F. Incubator; International cross-boarder window; Resources sharing platform

Global Innovation Services

50+Public company global strategic growth & innovation support

Global Innovation Services

TOP10 Governmental/ industrial coop., 30+Governmental/ corporate coop.

MyBio Fund

RMB & USD Funds; Governmental LP Funds; Provide Capital + Market +Technology


Since 2018, MyBioGate has hosted the CHINA FOCUS® conference series worldwide in Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Hamburg Germany, Vienna Austria, and online, attracted more than 1700 companies and 3000+ executives from world-wide. It has become the most important and the largest China-themed partnering conference.

What to expect from China Focus and the Accelerator

Vertical Resources: CRO, incubation, product approval, registration, manufacturing and sales channels; access to life sciences industrial parks, mentors, and corporate partners to ensure a successful launch. Funding: Industrial parks’ subsidized funds and financial support, early-stage R&D funds, MyBioGate Fund; business start-up support, office resources, HR support, and more.  Mentorship: Projects receive mentorship advice and support in: Chinese Market and Strategic Consulting Fundraising Expertise and Connections Program Assignment to a Key Life Science Industrial Parks Team building, Registration, Clinical Trial Support, and Partnership.

MyBioGate Global Challenge and Cross-border Accelerator

MyBioGate Global Challenge (MGC) is a selection process for the MyBioGate acceleration program, designed to support healthcare companies interested in the Chinese market. The program boasts a wealth of support, including +100 top-tier life science industrial parks, corporate professionals, and investors. By offering mentorship, roadshows, extensive training, and various resources, emerging health sciences companies can feel confident in gaining valuable insights and business acceleration.

Past participants of the events

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