One-stop solution for expanding your business directly into the Chinese Market.
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About Cross-border acceleration

MyBioGate leverages global resources to provide you a fully integrated expansion solution in China. The comprehensive service covers from your business plan and development through the lifecycle, including fundraising, consulting, talent recruitment, clinical trials, registration, and branding. We are offering not only the approach to begin your business in China but also to drive your sustainable growth in a new market.

Why US

VC/PE investment

MyBioGate has own funding covering from angel stage to pre-IPO stage, both in USD and in RMB. In addition, we can recommend you to our partner investors’s network to access to both commercial and subsidized funds.

Register your local entity in top life science consortium

Settle down in a right area is most beneficial for a new comer. You can quickly access to right resources from subsidized funding to laboratories, local talents and service providers. We help you instantly connect with the top-tier life science parks and to maximize your benefits.

One-stop end to end solution

We create a comprehensive consulting and landing service solution including talent recruitment, clinical trials, registration, and product launching. You will be helped during each step in the commercial process.

The U.S based Incubator & accelerator

MyBioGate’s 8000 square feet Houston-based incubator & accelerator will support local companies to get ready to enter China. We provide innovators with access to lab infrastructure, mentorship, financial support, and worldwide market resources & networks. Learn more. Link to CUBIO website

Lifelong service

Own a local entity is only the first step. MyBioGate is committed to assist with your growth and strengthen in China, and help you to achieve continuous success.

Complimentary service throughout the process

We will offer you complimentary partnering service, including business consulting, mentorship, policies & guidelines of different industrial parks Incubation and acceleration programs. We won’t charge your company any service fee for the above-mentioned items.
How it works

Build expansion plan
Create a complete plan from registration, benefit list, to collaboration details. We will be responsible for the throughout document preparation and communication.
Landing and acceleration execution

Talent recruitment

MyBioGate is present within multiple industry communities that have 300,000+ professionals. We can help you set up a Chinese operation team based on your needs. This can include operations, R&D, clinical trial registration, marketing and sales to ensure you launch your business smoothly and efficiently in China.

Clinical trials CRO

Even if your product is registered with the FDA or an equivalent organization, it will also need to be registered in China. When undergoing clinical trials and the registration application, MyBioGate can help connect you with outstanding CRO/CDMOs in China.


With s a strong relationship with the China Drug/Device Approval Center, we will help you improve your plan during the registration and application process, receive feedback on problems in a timely manner, and speed up the overall approval process.

Key opinion leader (KOL) support

MyBioGate also has an extensive network of KOL medical institutions in China. These include departments such as orthopedics, dentistry, oncology, and infectious diseases. During your clinical trials and after the products are on the market, MyBioGate can help connect you with experts in the industry, guide your clinical trial plans, and promote the clinical application of your products.

Brand Promotion

We will help promote your brand in China, increase industry influence, and stimulate industry exchanges through the “China Focus (link to” conference, global innovation challenge and other branding events. In addition, MyBioGate has also reached strategic partnerships with mainstream Chinese media/associations/organizations, such as the China-Israel Innovation Center and the China Pharmaceutical Promotion Association to help you link to multiple platforms, build multiple channels, and establish good brand recognition.


We have a professional financial advisory team which will guide you to the capital market in China. In the past we have facilitated a new companies gaining huge benefits from Chinese capital markets.