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Finding opportunities, identifying a compatible match, and understanding how to communicate with potential partners overseas is challenging. As the number of Chinese investors looking for overseas opportunities in healthcare technologies grow, it is difficult for companies to navigate the investor pool and different business operation norms. We help you find the right partnership that will allow your business to grow and facilitate communication from the very beginning to when the deal closes.

Our events throughout the year attracts over 1600 companies, 2600+ Decision Makers, 400+ assets, and conducts over 1200 one-on-one meetings

Our platform directly reach 80,000+ audiences via email, 50,000 audiences via WeChat (the most popular and dominating Chinese Instant Messaging and Social Networking tool) and 20,000 visits on the websites.

Our Chinese WeChat community consists of 40+ community groups, more than 10000 active members, with 20% decision-makers, 20% BD and 30% investors.

Our platform is tailored for healthcare, medical, and bio innovative companies to connect and meet Chinese investors and pharma companies in person, and discuss investment and/or collaboration opportunities.

Our capabilities

For early stage projects

    • Fundraising
    • Tech transfer
    • CRO services

Projects at clinical trials stage

    • Fundraising
    • Tech transfer
    • CRO services

For on the market projects

    • CFDA Regulatory Strategy
    • Find sales channel partners
    • Joint venture
    • Other China entry services

For project at any stage

    • Branding and Marketing Promotion in China
    • China Market Access and Market Research
    • Investor Validation
    • Seller-Side Advisory

Where can we start?

Video Pitch through MyBioGate Platform and distribute to Chinese investors

Feature your project on MyBioGate platform and promote to investors (in Chinese) 

Pitch to Chinese Investors and Pharma Companies at China Focus and Global Healthcare Innovation Competition.

1-on-1 meetings at China Focus forums, effectively communicate with your target.

Prepare your company packet in Chinese, speak the same language with the investors

Trip to China and Arrange Meetings with Chinese Investors and Pharma Companies

Ready for the next level of services? Please reach out to us directly info at mybiogate.com and we will customize the service just for you.

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