our team


Haisheng Wang, PHD

Mr. Wang oversees the MyBioGate business operations in China, he focuses on investor and partner relations, and service to startup companies entry into China.

Shautong Song, PHD

Mr. Song oversees the MyBioGate business operations in the US.



Youwen Dai

Director of Business development, China

Mr. Dai develops and cultivates investor and partner relationships in China, and provides assistance for overseas projects to enter the Chinese market.

Xinxin Li

Director of Business development, US

Ms. Li is responsible for the MyBioGate online pitch program and business development in the U.S. She helps Chinese investors find and connect with projects of interest and also helps healthcare companies to enter the Chinese.

Han Yan, PhD.

Project manager

Mrs. Yan serves as Project Manager of the MyBio Talk. This program creates a platform where leading scientists worldwide can share their expert insights with investors and healthcare professionals in China.

Miao Guo Smith, MBA

Director of Product development

Mrs. Miao Guo Smith oversees the MyBioGate web and application development. She provides both English and Chinese platform technical support, and is the backbone of our projects inventory.

Ginger Ding, PhD

Project Manager

Dr. Ding is responsible for Cancer Vaccine research projects at MyBioGate. She has a 10-year track record in biomedical research. She was an awardee of Susan G. Komen grant in support of her pre-clinical studies.

Feifan Zheng

Program Coordinator

Mrs. Zheng is responsible for communicating and coordinating our online pitch program, preparing pitch materials. Mrs. Zheng also acts as the overseas marketing coordinator at MyBioGate.

Henry Han


Henry Han is a Partner at MyBioGate inc. His responsibilities include sourcing and evaluating projects, performing due diligence, connecting and coordinating with investors and negotiating deals.