Our Mission

MyBioGate is committed to linking healthcare innovations in China and overseas. MyBioGate shares global healthcare innovation, entrepreneurship, investment trends, KOL opinions, important events and conferences, in-depth research and analysis, allowing Chinese medical and health companies and investors to gain insight into trends and seize investment opportunities. MyBioGate not only helps Chinese investors to gain insights into the latest developments in the world and seek promising projects, but also provides overseas innovative companies who intend to enter China market with platforms for exposure to potential investors and partners, organizes road shows to China, provides Chinese landing services, and helps them find reliable Chinese investors and partners.


Haisheng Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang oversees the MyBioGate business operations in China; he focuses on investor and partner relations, and help startup companies enter China.

Shautong Song, PhD

Dr. Song oversees the MyBioGate business operations in the U.S. 

Dr. Haisheng Wang
Managing Director, China

DR. Shautong Song
Managing Director, US

Our Team

Youwen Dai

Director of Business Development, China

Mr. Dai develops and cultivates investor and partner relationships in China, and provides assistance for overseas projects to enter the Chinese market.


Xinxin Li

Director of Business Development, U.S.

Ms. Li is responsible for the MyBioGate online pitch program and business development in the U.S. She helps Chinese investors find and connect with projects of interest and also helps healthcare companies to enter the Chinese.


Dr. Han Yan

Dr. Han Yan

Dr. Yan serves as Project Manager of the MyBioGate Investment team. This team searches, filters and conducts technical due diligence for innovative projects for investors and healthcare professionals in China.


Miao Guo Smith, MBA

Director of Product Development

Ms. Miao Guo Smith oversees the MyBioGate web and application development. She provides both English and Chinese platform technical support and is the backbone of our marketing and operation.


Dr. Ginger Ding

Project Manager

Dr. Ding serves as Project Manager of the MyBioGate Investment team. She has a 10-year track record in biomedical research. She was an awardee of Susan G. Komen grant in support of her pre-clinical studies.


Tian Tian

Content Director

Ms. Tian has 9 years of experience in management consulting and industry research. Ms. Tian graduated from Beijing University of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Economics.