MyBioGate Accelerator Process

Project M186

1. Set up a project acceleration team

MyBioGate set up a project Acceleration Team for the M186 project, which is composed of a team leader, a marketing director, an investment director. Two single-cell sequencing experts also joined the Team as the project mentors. The Team formulated two plans: a detailed cross-border acceleration plan and an implementation plan.

2. China market development strategy & plan consultation, business plan polishing

1). Put forward advice and sharpened the business plan; the specific content is as follows:

– Focused on core team members’ strength, showcased prominent team background

– Complete China market plans to suit the actual market demand and strategy

– Highlight core technology/advantages in comparison with the current technology/products

2). Proposed Improvements

After conducting technology and market research, the Team guided the project to wholly polish and reshaped its business plan according to the needs of the Chinese market. Meanwhile, it highlights the differentiated advantages of M186 with similar products. Based on the Chinese industrial technology environment, the Team formulated a highly feasible China development plan and formed an attractive implementation plan for China.

Sample Polished Business Plan

3. Financing and cooperation resources partnering

– The Team organized in-person 1-on-1 partnering meetings for the project with the top tier industrial and life sciences parks such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Changzhou industrial parks.

– Based on the vertical market environment, medical resources, human resources, and local supportive policies, the Team recommended Suzhou as the best location for the project.

– Under the comprehensive guidance and hands-on support from MyBioGate cross-border acceleration services, the M186 project attracted investment and landed in Suzhou at the end of 2019.