Partnering & Fundraising in China

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money from their first seed round in China.

There are growing numbers of Chinese investors looking for opportunities in healthcare technologies overseas. However, identify matching opportunities and understand how to communicate with them who have different business norms is challenging. With proprietary databases, extended networks and partnerships in China and overseas, MyBioGate not only helps healthcare companies raise funds, but also helps find the right manufacturers, regulatory partners, industry partners and major clients. We dig deeper to identify your short-term and long-term strategic objectives and help you identify and connect the potential investors and partners in China that align with your business, financial, clinical, and operational plans.

Our unique approach goes farther than just introductions to investors and partners. We conduct online pitches, technical analysis and CEO interviews to help investors better understand the team and the technology to help them make investment decisions. Our bi-cultural team also assist clients with communication and negotiation, arrange trips to China, evaluate offers and facilitate execution. We understand the demand of fundraising companies and we align our interest with yours.

Our services include:

  • Evaluating fundraising opportunities
  • Partner/Investor screening
  • Strategic partnership in clinical trial/CFDA certification,
    R&D, manufacturing and distribution
  • Fundraising


  • Joint ventures
  • Communication and negotiation support
  • China trip arrangement
  • Promotion in China