MyBioGate brings the knowledge, resources and expertise to help you enter the China market. With the fragmented information about the healthcare market, it makes it a difficult task to exploit best practices in this emerging market. This environment, in combination with our vast expertise, creates a large opportunity for companies entering the market.

We help you create actionable plans and strategic initiatives to find the right partners for your company. Our team works closely with you to help you understand Chinese policy, regulation, market, and important industrial players so you can form a confident strategy.

China Market Access and Market Research

If you want to do business in China, but aren’t sure where to begin, MyBioGate is ready to help you navigate the complex Chinese markets.

The Chinese market is booming, fragmented, and ever-changing. The healthcare market is growing at a tremendous speed to try and accommodate the largest aging population in the world. As the market and potential are huge, so are the barriers since information is poorly digitized and fragmented across the industry. Changing regulations make it even more difficult to understand how to enter the Chinese market. We help you seize more opportunities by improving your understanding of the markets, customers, regulations, financial dynamics.

MyBioGate’s bi-cultural team is experienced in the Chinese market and helps you gather the right information to make decisions. Our in-depth understanding of the market, fueled by market access and market research, allows you to prepare and execute your entry strategies which may include expanding your own sales channel, out-licensing, or preparing to sell your company.


·   Evidence-based validation

·   Communicate with key opinion leaders (KOLs)

·   Custom market research based on objective, thorough, and comprehensive data               collection and analysis from more sources


·   Market Validation: evaluate the landscape and existing market opportunities,                   including market demographic, Epidemiology and disease dynamics

·   Market sizing and segmentation

·   Competitive analysis and positioning

·   Pricing and reimbursement

·   Marketing, sales and distribution options and impact on adoption


·   Prioritize when, where, and how to launch your products.

·   Find your place in the competitive landscape.

·   Price products for market advantage

·   Evaluate the economics of your product in the marketplace

CFDA Regulatory Strategy

Regulatory approval is critical to advancing your healthcare or life science products to market. Understanding the regulatory requirements governing the market will help you prepare for fundraising activities and your exit strategy in an expedient and effective manner.

Our expertise in regulations and connections with KOLs helps with implementation,

structure, and advancement of your clinical trials. Our expertise in the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) regulations helps structure your pre-clinical and clinical trials – whether they are US or China-based – so that you can have an advantage out-licensing, negotiating mergers and acquisitions, and clearing CFDA faster.


We help you find the right manufacturers, proprietary partners, and major clients once we’ve helped you raise funds for your technology.


f your pharma or medical device product has already received FDA/CE clearance, we can help you finish import registration in China.


If your product is already on the market and you plan to start manufacturing and sales in China, we can help you connect with CROs/CMOs and facilitate technology transfer.


If you are already finished CFDA registration,we can facilitate finding the right sales partner.