China has the fastest-growing healthcare market. In China, aging populations, favorable regulations, healthcare innovations and growing demand for better healthcare are stimulating continuing growth of the market. Recent CFDA updates and new outbound investment regulations make now the best time to raise funds in China and enter the Chinese market.

Funding for medical innovation in the US is declining

In 2016, US venture capital, private equity, and medtech firms invested the lowest amount in four years in medical device companies according to Silicon Valley Bank(SVB)). Investments in medical device companies in 2017 are forecasted to drop as investors shift their focus to software and IT industries. As funding for medical technology companies fall in the US, Chinese investment is a growing opportunity. Read more…

Chinese investment in US medical companies is increasing

The U.S. healthcare industry has benefited from Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI). Over the past 16 years, the total amount of deals has been valued at $3.9 billion.

China’s healthcare market continues to grow at unprecedented rates

Aging populations, favorable regulation, healthcare innovations, and a growing demand for better healthcare continue to drive growth in China’s healthcare market. In addition, recent CFDA updates and outbound investment regulations make now the best time to raise funds and enter the Chinese market.

China’s aging population will double in 20 years

Between 2017 and 2037, China’s elderly population will double from 10% to 20%. China’s dependency on retirees could reach up to 44% by 2050. The aging population puts additional stress on the healthcare system to manage access, cost, and quality of medical care.

China’s medical technology market will more than double by 2020

The Chinese government’s expenditures in healthcare are increasing from 30% in 2012 to 40% in 2020. The medical technology market is expected to more than double in response to demand from $22 billion in 2013 to $55 billion in 2020.

Healthcare innovations can help manage demand

As demographics and regulations impact the healthcare system, China is experiencing demand that exceeds supply. Medical innovations stand to make a significant impact on a population in need of healthcare resources.

The Chinese healthcare market is forecasted to grow 12%

China’s healthcare market is forecasted to grow at an unprecedented CAGR of around 12%. It will reach $1 trillion by 2020. according to McKinsey & Co reports.

Recent China Food and Drug Administration updates

A change in policy and regulations have spurred the advancement of medical technologies in the Chinese market with shortened approval periods.