We host innovators on our online platform to share their pitch with Chinese investors. We conduct a thorough analysis of each innovator’s technology and facilitate CEO interviews to help investors see the full value of the investment opportunity. We interview and feature projects, founding teams, innovators, industry leaders, influencers, and CEOs, for presentation to our audiences in China.

Our approach to connecting investors with innovators doesn’t stop at the introduction, we continue to work with them to provide the guidance and resources they need to meet their fundraising goals. The platform we created is what makes all of this possible.

Our weekly BiotoChina online pitch is the first platform of its kind. It enables fundraising CEOs the opportunity to present their companies and connect to Chinese investors from the convenience of their own computers.

We collaborate with innovators to develop strategies and actionable plans to find the right partners. Through our extended networks and databases of Chinese investors and overseas, MyBioGate not only helps healthcare companies raise capital, but also finds the right manufacturers, regulatory partners, industry partners and major clients.

By continuing our work connecting innovators and investors, we hope to fulfill our mission of improving global healthcare options.