“China’s changing pharmaceutical E- commerce market” is developed by Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care Industry, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry in collaboration with Deloitte Research. The technology of mobile Internet and E-commerce has promoted the industry crossover, and driven the traditional industries into the era of restructuring. It is inevitable to realize the integration and iteration of mobile Internet technology and life sciences. This report predicts the development of pharmaceutical E-commerce, as well as the evolution of healthcare ecosystem in 3-5 years.

The viewpoints / key findings

  • Trend I: About RMB 150 billion in hospital and retail terminal drug sales are expected to transfer to online sales
  • Trend II: E-commerce will facilitate the reconstruction of the pharmaceutical industry value chain
  • Trend III: Pharmaceutical E-commerce development will move towards a win-win model with organic interaction
  • Trend IV: Pharmaceutical E-commerce will facilitate enterprise transformation from offline to online
  • Trend V: Mobile Internet technology will re-engineer hospital operations and service processes
  • Trend VI: The Internet medical system will focus on patient-centered care
  • Trend VII: Intelligent wearable devices will drive a new generation of health and medical services
  • Trend VIII: Big data will lead the medical system into the age of wisdom

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