The report
“Excellence in Medical Affair: Recent trends in China Medical Affairs and Outcomes from China Medical Affairs Survey 2016” is developed by Deloitte China Life Sciences and Health Care Industry team.

As the roles of Medical Affairs have become increasingly important in driving business growth, the China Medical Affairs Network (CMAN) conducted a survey in 2016 with the purpose of understanding the current state of Medical Affairs in pharmaceutical companies in China. A total number of 14 MNC pharmaceutical companies in China participated in this survey. Monitor Deloitte was invited to analyze the survey outcomes and to assess several aspects of Medical Affairs within these organizations. These aspects include scope of work, organizational trends, and career path for medical affairs professionals.

In addition to the interpretation of survey results, this report summarizes the key environmental drivers to the survey findings, and provides point of view on how pharma companies should react to such dynamics.

Viewpoints / key findings
China’s healthcare market are changing significantly during the past year, which requires players to revisit their commercial priorities and return to the scientific foundation of the business. As a result, Medical Affairs today is playing an increasingly important role in driving business agenda.

Medical Affairs has evolved to undertake a number of diverse roles and is becoming increasingly cross-functional
Medical Affairs continues to utilize both offline and online channels to engage external stakeholders; online channels are gaining significance with varying degrees of investment support
Medical Affairs monitors performance of its expanding workforce by devising function-specific KPIs; targeted trainings are also provided to enhance capabilities
In addition, there are emerging innovation at Medical Affairs that explore new ways of business value creation through external partnership, data generation, and medical information delivery.

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